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2 parcels: 17.8 & 25.8 acres rural farm land for sale, upstate NY




Current Schoharie County, NY tax map showing contours. 5.12 has an active farm to the south. 5.11 is mostly bordered by vacant land. 5.11 Property to the South has a small structure and the land owner comes up occasionally from downstate. The properties were brush hogged 9 years ago and are now a bit overgrown again. Walking west onto 5.11, pass the power line, you come to wooded area and a clearing, then to the back field which is very private, protected on all sides by woods and would make a great retreat cabin or home site. The crest of that hill gives you western sunset view as well as sunrise view. There is a small S-N running stream through the wooded area near the clearing and seeps from springs a couple places along the southern border of 5.11. Also there is a ditch running WNWerly from the White road to an area just past the power line.

East of White Rd, 5.12 is basically flat field with a couple groves of locust trees (great for fence posts) and foundation of an old house in the SW corner can provide stones for other building projects.

From 2014 Schoharie County, NY Tax Roll:


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